Day 1

I arrived at Roswell today for my first Neupogen ® injection. They drew some blood today and did another pregnancy test. Took my vitals and the nurse went over what to expect. Same warnings of bone pain, head aches, fatigue and possible flu like symptoms. I got my injections in the arms, nothing more than a little shot. I get allergy injections in my arms every 4 weeks, so this was nothing new to me. This stung just a tinge more than an allergy shot, but no big deal.

I ran a few errands and came home after thinking I’d start some cleaning, but I was exhausted, so instead took a 3 hour nap. This may have absolutely nothing to do with shots, because I had to be there at 7am and I typically sleep until noon, so that probably explains my sleepiness. That, and I had to take a xanax last nite to force myself to sleep before my typical 2-3am bedtime.

Woke up with just the tiniest bit of soreness in my lower back, similar to how I used to feel when I worked on my feet as a server/bartender all day. Nothing major and I’m sure a tylenol will take care of that. So… time to do that cleaning now.

PS. I work for the government and we receive 7 days (not a week, but 7 actual working days) administrative leave for bone marrow donation. It doesn’t go against my sick leave or vacation time. BONUS! So, this is not my normal routine to have all this time on my hands just incase you were wondering.


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