Day 2 (continued)

I had the same basic routine this morning; the nurse checked my vitals, checked with me on any pain I was feeling and I received my second set of injections again in both arms. I was given the option of my stomach or arms, but I stuck with the arms. It hurt just a little more than yesterday’s shots, but still not too bad.

Today I chose to stay awake rather than napping right after the shots. Perhaps I was better off napping. Rather than taking hours for the soreness to begin, I had a achy back within an hour or so. The top of my neck where your neck meets your skull was sore too. Took a few tylenol and went for a visit at my parents.

From there the bone aches and soreness seemed to get worse and it started to affect my hips and sternum/rib area as well. Again, achy, certainly not severe but enough to be uncomfortable. I did notice sitting made it worse. If I get up and walk around I feel better. Also when walking, my gluts and hamstrings feel sore as if I worked them out hard yesterday (which I did not). The tylenol doesn’t seem to get rid of the aches, although it dulls them slightly.

I will say that I’m hypersensitive to pain, but at the same time I can deal with it pretty well. I did however call Roswell to get prescription pain medication. Based on last night, I know tonight will feel worse so I want to be prepared. I also called my NMDP rep Jamie to inform her. She said the doctors would evaluate to see if my Neupogen ® dosage would need to be lowered. She didn’t think so since it wasn’t dibilitating and also assured me that the pain is a sign that the injections are working. My marrow is pumping out those stem cells just as they should be. Yay!

All in all, achy but dealing with it. I can still run my errands and clean the apartment and all that good stuff. But I do have a feeling when I sit down later with the movies I rented, I may have to take one of those stronger pain meds. That will help me sleep too.


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