Evening 1

Today went pretty well. I laid low most of the day catching up on some DVR. I did notice that my stomach was a little off. I wouldn’t say nauseous, but I had no appetite. That being said, I went out to eat with an old friend and managed to eat half of my piri piri chicken dinner and a nice burrata cheese, tomato and petite basil appetizer. I can always make some room for dinner at my favorite Bistro Europa.

Sitting at the bar was uncomfortable though. My lower back is definitely sore, enough that you’re fully aware the pain is there, but not enough to stop me from going out to eat. When the nurse asked me if I had felt bone pain before, I said no. Thinking back, I did when I broke my collar bone, but that was WAY worse than this. This pain is more like an achy joint (I have bad knees and know that feeling all too well), except for the achy joint is my whole lower back and the tops of my legs too (where the high marrow producing femurs are). I’m hoping that tylenol does the trick. If it’s persistent enough to keep me awake, I will have to get some tylenol PM for tomorrow.

Again, small price to pay in the grand scheme of things and nothing compared to what the patient is going through. I’m not posting any of this to complain, I just want to share what I am feeling so that any of you who are curious and considering joining the registry, or are already a match and preparing for your own donation know what to expect.


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