Day 3

I forgot to update last night. The pain meds definitely helped tremendously, although it was in general an uncomfortable evening.

On to this morning… since it’s the weekend and the BMT Clinic at Roswell doesn’t open until 8am, I got to sleep in an hour. I did wake up once during the night from my ribcage aching, but fell back asleep within about 10 or 15 minutes. When I woke up my hips still hurt and again my lower back and ribs, but not nearly as bad as last night. Got my shots, same as usual and headed home. I took a few Tylenol just to be safe since yesterday afternoon seemed to be rougher than day 1.

I got a lot done this morning and afternoon, a lot of cleaning and finally unpacking my office (after 7 months of living here) to make room for an air mattress for my mom. She’s going to drive me to the collection Monday and seeing how early it is it’s easier to leave from my place since I live just a few blocks from Roswell. I have to tell you, I have nearly no pain today. I don’t know if it was the tylenol early on, or the keeping active. I have a feeling that after the pain I had they may have lowered the dosage of my Neuopogen ® injection, but the nurses didn’t mention anything. If that is the case I just hope that it doesn’t make my donation any less effective for the recipient.

So… lunch time now (the mild nausea and lower appetite seems to have gone away too) then I’m actually going to go to an annual summer BBQ that should be fun. I’ll stick to my water, but no need to miss the chiavetta’s chicken and Julie’s delicious brocolli salad.


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