Day 4

Typical morning of getting my injections. Came home afterward, had a little breakfast and went back to bed, I was exhausted. More than likely just because I’m not a morning person, not the injections. But I forced myself to eat first only because I am still having a tiny bit of nausea and eating helps.

Woke up and much like yesterday the pain is very minor. Little bit of an achy back and hips, a 2 or 3 on the scale, so I just took a few Tylenol. My ribcage doesn’t hurt like it did the last few days. The only new thing is that my hands feel a little tight, almost arthritic feeling. That would be the bone pain, after all that’s what arthritis is, right, bone & joint pain? So, today is a good day, just minor aches.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and for the collection to begin, because that means the recipient is one step closer to her transplant.

PS. I asked the nurse today if they had lowered the dosage at all, she said no. So the reduced pain just must be myself getting used to the Neupogen ®.


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