Day 6 – Final Collection Day

Today was the last day of my donation process. No injections today, just straight to the Donor Center for my second apherisis. I was nervous this morning because I was uncomfortable yesterday and still a little bit nauseous. I think that was just leftovers from yesterdays shot and my nerves. So before leaving for the hospital I took a xanax and stopped off for a gingerale.

Today’s procedure was much better than yesterday’s. Very little tingling, only a brief fluttering in my chest. The nausea went away and I was pretty comfortable. It seemed to go faster, only about 3 hours total, maybe a few minutes more. I was actually able to make it through today without having to go to the bathroom, but it was a race as soon as I was unhooked.

The first collection day seemed a bit scary to me and actually had me dreading going back today, but in retrospect I think it was a combination of the last shot hitting me along with the apherisis happening all at once. Typically, I went home and rested or napped after the shots. Today was an easy day. I felt better right afterward, no light headedness or wobbly legs today. My mom and I went out for breakfast after, I’m home and feeling my good old self. No more bone aches or headaches.

So, overall I’m happy that I did this and would encourage more of you to join the registry. But again, it’s a serious commitment and not for everyone, but a very rewarding experience and fairly easy to do once you commit to it.

I’m a bit of a complainer (my family & friends may laugh at that one), but I was just trying to paint a picture for those of you interested. What may have seemed painful or uncomfortable for me may seem no big deal to others. The other blogs I’ve read the donors seemed to find it less uncomfortable than I did, but I wanted to paint a picture of what I went through.

Now my prayers are with the recipient, I hope that the transplant is successful and that I was able to give her the gift of life she needs for a long, healthy and happy life.


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