all done

Well, yesterday (2 days ago now, technically) I finished up with the donation with my second stem cell collection. I felt great last night and even better today. Appetite is back in full effect and no more pain (aside from slight bruising where the needles went into my arms from the collection). I even got a few gifts from my Donor Center. A “swag bag” with a t-shirt, mug, pen, etc. and a fruit basket with nuts, crackers & cookies along with a Thank You card in each. That made my day, along with all the wonderful comments some of you had left on facebook; a special thank you to one of my bestest friends, Niki, for sharing my blog with so many.

Now, say your prayers the patient has a successful transplant and I will keep you all posted if I hear anything from the NMDP regarding her health. You can also follow Steve’s story on his wife Sue’s blog about his transplant journey, I provided a link in my favorites. His Day Zero (transplant day) is tomorrow, Friday. Keep him in your prayers as well.


3 responses to “all done

  1. AWWWWWW!!! That is SO nice. He’s in great shape heading into the Big Game tomorrow, thank you so much for your support.

  2. Hi Mandi, I work at the NMDP and I really appreciated how you shared the details of your donation experience so honestly. Would you be interested in letting us share some of your donation story in our e-newsletter for Be The Match Registry members? Please email me.

  3. Mandi,
    Thank you very much for sharing your possibly once in a lifetime experience. I really appreciate all your details as I prepare to donate soon. Thanks also for your good wishes. I am a little nervous but know whatever discomfort I have will not compare to what my son endured during his chemotherapy. We are so thankful he has remained in remission over 5 years and now considered “Cancer-Free”.
    I’ll be checking your site often looking for updates on health of your recipient.
    Thanks again,
    Wilma Swanson

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