I’m a SMART Volunteer!

So as most of you have seen, I’ve kind of “TAKEN” to the cause here and am constantly reading all of the Be The Match facebook updates and Tweets. I have been very active on my comments and sharing on their sites. Someone took notice, and after some training… I’m now a SMART Volunteer for NMDP. It stands for Social Media Active Response Team and I’m pretty psyched about it. I take their work very seriously and the cause is dear to my heart, so I am thrilled to be participating. Please “like” them or “follow” them to keep up with all the great work they are doing and remember if you can’t register, you can still donate or volunteer.

Also… news on the donor drive…. the logistics with my business park have turned out to be a little stickier than I thought, but it is still in the works. I have a huge term paper due in 10 days & then I have a 4 week breather, so I’ll be back on track to hopefully have it scheduled for around February. Maybe a Valentine’s Day theme instead… “Show your love by giving the gift of life” ??? Open to suggestions. Stay tuned for more details.


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