Patient Update

I woke up yesterday and as I do every morning, I reached for the iphone that is under my pillow and did my daily alert check… how many facebooks, how many texts, how many emails came in while I was asleep. Neurotic? YES. But I know I’m not alone.

Anyhoo… there was an email from Nancy at the HLA Registry (my Donor Center rep) that she had received a patient update and to call her right away. I was so excited to hear any news. Originally she told me that the recipient’s donor center did not allow any contact whatsoever but that she would pester them every once in a while just to see if they’d respond. I called right away and she gave me the answers they provided to a questionnaire. Here’s a little summary:

-no problems with the cells received
-no need for a second transfusion of cells
-no bacterial cultures
-no recurrence of the original disease at this time
-patient has/had acute grade II GVHD (graft versus host disease) (this is a type of rejection of the new cells, grade II indicates moderate symptoms and from what I’ve researched can be treated, I didn’t get clarification if she HAS it or HAD it. still looking into this)
-patient’s Karnofsky/Landsky score is 90 (capable of normal activity, few symptoms or signs of disease)

Overall… this is GOOD NEWS!!! But her journey is not over, so keep the prayers and good juju coming in for her… & for Steve too(there’s a link on the side to his story & some pictures down a few posts).

On another note, I shared my story with a nationwide newsletter at work (at the IRS) and my management has taken note and are now on board with my efforts to host a donor drive at work so that should be up and running soon. Stay tuned for updates.


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