going PINK!

While this blog remains about my bone marrow donation & my continuing support of NMDP & all that they do…. you will see it GOING PINK for a lil while.

First and foremost… on June 11th my family is getting together in support of my mom, Therese, to walk in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Our team name is Therese’s Kittens (kinda like Charlie’s Angels but better). I would appreciate any support that you could give in my mom’s name to the Susan G Komen WNY Race for the Cure. 75% of the donations will remain in WNY and go to local education, research and services for survivors and families while 25% of the donations go to the national Susan G Komen For the Cure Grants Program to fund research. If you’d like to join the team please sign up and walk with Therese’s Kittens. THANK YOU!

me & Mom

& while I’m going pink… Mandy’s going RED! While going through my facebook feed, I noticed a lot of haircut pictures from an old summer camp friend. The first time I saw the pictures I thought nothing of it… the first haircut had a picture of Mandy’s ponytail being cut off and I assumed she was donating to locks of love but didn’t click past that. Then I saw a post from her entitled My Favorite Color is Red<<< breastcancerography in my feed and I had to read on.

Mandy is my age, 32 (or close to it, I know we graduated from high school in the same year), and currently undergoing chemotherapy as well as holistic remedies for breast cancer. I only learned of this via the wonderful world of facebook but I’m glad that I did because Mandy truly is an amazing young woman and her story is inspiring. Rather than shying away from the ugly truth about hair loss and chemo… Mandy has taken it head on, literally, with 12 hair cuts in 12 days. How perfect is that?!?!?! A chance at a new look, a new do every day. How often have you thought to yourself… I wish I could just chop it all off and go short… or I want to dye my hair red today… well she gets to do that every day and play with her every hair whim and wake up the next day and change it all over again. I think it is a perfect and empowering way of facing the issue and taking over some control over HOW you will go shorter and shorter until ultimately it’s time for the caps and wigs. And when Mandy’s beautiful hair starts growing back again, she will have had the chance to play around with all those looks and make bold choices that she may not have otherwise had the courage to do.

Mandy - 12 haircuts in 12 days

Please check out Mandy’s blog, it’s in my favorites, and also on facebook, her family has started a group called Angels4Amanda which provides a great outlet for family and friends alike to leave a few inspiring words for her and check in how she’s doing.


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