Happy Early BMT Birthday Matt… prayers please.

Through my advocacy with Be The Match and my SMART Volunteering for them, I learned of another blogger-sphere friend out there that is about to embark on his journey as he receives his bone marrow transplant this Friday, May 20th. In BMT world, this will be his new birthday. It is also Day Zero. So today, is Day -2 as he is 2 days away from zero & Sunday will be Day 2 as he is 2 days past zero. Matt is receiving his transplant from an anonymous donor from the Be The Match registry who is donating PBSCs as I did last August.

These next few days & weeks to come will be the tough for Matt. Right now he has endured two days of high dosage chemo & is in the middle of some intense full body radiation treatments to essentially kill his own bone marrow in preparation for his BMT to make room for his recipient’s bone marrow to move in & take up residency.

I’m asking that you say prayers for Matt & Becca (his girlfriend and narrator of his story on Caring Bridge) & his family as well. As I have learned through my friends Sue & Steve and am now learning on my own, this is a struggle and a journey for the family as well. So that being said… prayers, good vibes & good juju is in order for all of them this week as we approach Matt’s new Birthday & Day Zero.

(You can follow Matt’s Story in my favorite links to the right)


One response to “Happy Early BMT Birthday Matt… prayers please.

  1. Prayers for Matt. My six year old is not far ahead of him, he is on day +27 today and was discharged from the hospital to the Ronald McDonald House yesterday! We are excited and amazed with his progress.

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