Fall is here… changing leaves, changing lives.

It’s October, breast cancer awareness month & my pink updates this month are good ones. Mom is doing well. She didn’t need chemo and just underwent her last major surgery. Thanks for all your prayers & juju. Also, my friend Amanda has finished her chemo and her hair is growing back & looking damn sexy. We were at a lounge/bar a few weeks ago & I overheard a man make it a point to say that it takes a special girl to pull off a sexy short haircut like that & that she looked great. Made her smile… & me too! If she sends me a pic, I’ll share it with you.

I also have an amazing Be The Match blog to share with you from Tifaine, a classmate of hers who has gone through CML (which is what my recipient suffered from) and her experience with Be The Match. She makes good points that I hadn’t shared on here yet. To find a match for bone marrow, your best chances are within your family. If there is no related match, your next best match is a unrelated match within your same race. As of right now, only 10% of the registry is made up of minority registrants. So for African American, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islanders the chances of finding an unrelated match is even less. It is so important that we have more minorities on the registry so that those patients’ chances of finding a match are better. If you watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition, you’ll recall last week 6 year old Jonah needed to find a match & the show and the professional soccer league was working along with DKMS (who partners with Be The Match and they all access and share bone marrow registries) to sign up thousands more on the registry. They didn’t stress the minority issues on the show, which may have prompted more Latino viewers to sign up to find Jonah a match.

So please see Tifaine’s blog!

I also have a great blog to share from a fellow Be The Match SMART Volunteer Stacey as she shares Kia’s story.

So this fall while the leaves are changing, consider changing leaves AND changing lives. Join the Be The Match registry and commit to changing lives. & don’t forget to support Be The Match through their store at www.shopbethematch.org


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